Building upon knowledge gained through ChFEBC℠ and ChMEBC℠ designations, the ChGEPC℠ designation will focus on government employee retirement benefits through a state government in addition to specialized employment within the federal civil and uniform sector of government. Participants will be better equipped to provide sound financial guidance and assist their clients with effective planning strategies.


ChGEPC℠ Course Overview

This course will be presented in two parts. The first part will provide an overview of retirement benefits offered to state, county and local government employees and state sponsored retirement plans offered to include teachers, police officers and firefighters. Part two will provide an overview of specialized federal government retirement benefits for railroad, police officers, firefighters, federal reserve, postal and congressional member retirement benefits.

Advisors will also learn the basics of ERISA, 401(k), and other qualified and non-qualified retirement plans who are looking to become familiar with these sectors will find this course a necessary resource and complimenting to other designations. This “bird’s eye view” will assist in recognizing variations in retirement benefits across state, federal and public sector employment and many opportunities to blend benefits.

Topics Covered

This course is for educational purposes and not designed to provide any professional legal, tax and financial advice.

Special Module for legal professionals in areas for divorce and survivor benefits

This module offers education on spousal benefit interests in the event of divorce. The module will provide an overview of federal statutes and legal resources for reference. It will demonstrate calculations, tax implications and long-term impact of spousal benefit distributions. Those engaged with this specific module will learn requirements for court orders and administrative process as well as become familiar with additional benefits available for federal employees that can be utilized during divorce settlements.

This course is designed to provide insightful foresight into the complexity of spousal benefits when dealing with divorce aligning with those offering legal services. **mediator/counselor will be required to take the original ChGEPC℠ course as prior to taking this module.